• How to choose a solid wood sideboard
    The 10 juin 2021

    The sideboard is an essential element of the living room or kitchen, so before you get started we'll give you some advice on how to choose your solid wood sideboard!

  • Why choose a solid pine furniture
    The 29 avril 2021

    Buying a piece of furniture in solid wood is not trivial. More than a trend, it is a real choice for lovers of beautiful materials. Before you start, here are some interesting facts!

  • Dendro X Ripaton collection
    The 26 février 2021

    Signing the encounter between two natural and sustainable materials, the Dendro X Ripaton collection celebrates the know-how of wood and steel with 4 pieces of furniture for every room in the house!

  • The centerpiece of your living room, the coffee table
    The 15 février 2021

    We know that trends come and go, but one thing is sure: you will always need a coffee table in your living room! And the big advantage of natural and aged wood is that it goes with all decors, for a c

  • How to take good care of your wooden furniture?
    The 1 février 2021

    You are the proud owner of one of our dendro character furniture and would like to know how to maintain it? We give you here all our advice on how to take care of it!