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A natural bedroom!

Date : 19 juillet 2021
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A natural bedroom!

Whether large or small, our solid wood furniture with handcrafted finishes without solvents will be perfect to furnish your room or your child's room!

The head in the stars!

Whether you are a feng shui enthusiast or not, it is recommended to sleep with your head against a wall and not under a window or facing a door to avoid the sudden arrival of light or to avoid draughts. If you place your bed against a wall, it is preferable to use a headboard like IDA for example, which, in addition to matching all decorative atmospheres, will protect your paint, wallpaper or other. Available in several sizes, it is designed for small and large beds!

Tête de lit IDA

A tidy bedroom and natural materials

To sleep better and not feel cramped, it is important to free up as much space as possible around the bed so that you can move around freely and not feel trapped or cramped. A space on each side of your bed will also allow you to install 2 night tables that will allow you to organize your storage and put books, alarm clock, bedside lamp, etc. ...

Tables de chevet Dendro

Wardrobes and chests of drawers can complete the furniture of your room for an additional storage corner and unclutter the space for a restful sleep and a more serene awakening!

Commode et Armoire Dendro

We bet on the accessories!

solid wood bench at the end of the bed, very practical to take off your shoes or to complete your decoration, a chest to store bed linen, cushions, plaids, small wall shelves for books and knick-knacks or a very practical ladder shelf to put some plants with soothing and depolluting virtues for a quality sleep!

Accessoires chambre Dendro

Accessoires meubles chambre Dendro

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