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Bathroom and solid wood furniture, the duo-winner!

Date : 28 février 2022
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Bathroom and solid wood furniture, the duo-winner!

Just like the kitchen, the bathroom is a room that we use every day! And did you know that we spend an average of 1000 to 3000 hours per year in the bathroom? Unbelievable! Hence the importance of taking care of this room by bringing softness thanks to a thoughtful design! Solid wood being in the spotlight this year, some solid wood furniture will be perfect to bring warmth and authenticity to your bathroom!

A console as a vanity top

The solid wood console as a vanity top in your bathroom is ultra trendy this year! To try it is to adopt it! ☻ A basin to put on top of it, and here is a modern and design toilet top. Whether your basin is made of stone, ceramic or glass, it will blend perfectly with the wood and highlight its golden hues. The idea seems appealing, but you are afraid of running out of storage space? Don't worry, we've thought of everything and there are several solutions available to you!

You can opt for a console with sliding doors, which will allow you to store bath linens in particular. A console with several levels will be just as trendy and practical because you will be able to store and put on the different levels your most beautiful towels as well as baskets to store your beauty products!

Finally, if your bathroom is spacious, a solid wood chest of drawers will nicely complement your furniture, providing plenty of extra storage space. 

Regarding the maintenance of the console, you can if you wish waterproof it to further protect it. In this article, you will find all the essential elements to properly maintain your solid wood furniture.

Walls dressed with solid wood shelves

If you are short of space and storage, wall-mounted shelves are a real space saver, and they will bring a natural and authentic touch to your room. Believe me, your perfumes, day and night creams will find their place easily and quickly! 

The ladder shelves are always very trendy, and allow you to combine decoration and storage. What to feel good in his bathroom! A favorite wall storage, I promise!

Fill in the blanks with accent storage

Small storage units, or solid wood side cabinets, will be perfect to give a modern style to your bathroom. And you will gain additional storage: positioned next to your sink, your guests can take a guest towel after washing their hands for example! Decorative objects can be added on top, to bring your personal touch in your bathroom.

Find all our bathroom furniture here!

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