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Happy birthday Dendro!

Date : 19 novembre 2021
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Happy birthday Dendro!

Three years ago, Tiffany Sarrazin wanted to take on a new challenge: to create ethical, modern and sustainable interior furniture. With the help of her brother Yoann, the objective was to propose a real alternative to the overconsumption of furniture. Relive with us these three years !

Making something different


Faced with the major furniture brands, the challenge of launching a new brand was far from easy. And yet, our convictions were so strong that it didn't scare us. We wanted to create a furniture brand for the home that would have a real ecological conscience and focus on noble and qualitative materials. And that's what gave birth to Dendro. As a manufacturer, we control the entire production chain, allowing us to improve all the steps to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We have favoured the handcrafted production of our furniture in order to privilege the unequalled human know-how.

But in concrete terms, what do we do differently?

- All our furniture is made of solid wood that is highly recyclable. We do not use MDF or polluting wood panels
- The wood comes from sustainably managed forests with respect for biodiversity
- We have eliminated solvents from all our finishing products
- We limit packaging by replacing it with recyclable materials
- We optimise our carbon impact by being as close as possible to our raw material
- Our design includes optimised cutting to limit waste

The birth of the e-commerce site

web site

Present on several marketplaces and with a showcase site, Dendro needed its "home". The e-commerce site was born a year ago, sober and uncluttered in the image of the brand. Chests of drawersshelves and sideboards have been added over the years, responding to current needs and trends.

Three years of evolution

team birthday

Behind these creations is a team that has evolved over the last 3 years. Whether on the office or workshop side, the Dendro team is growing to offer even more innovative ideas in terms of manufacturing and services. Each of us does everything possible to meet the needs of everyday life, so that each piece of furniture is adapted to real life.

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