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How to adopt an eco-responsible behavior | Dendro

Date : 3 novembre 2021
Categories : Responsible consumption

How to adopt an eco-responsible behavior | Dendro

Our eco approach consists of adopting a few gestures to develop on a daily basis at home or at work ! At Dendro, we have developed habits that consist of saving, recycling and replacing ! Habits to set up very easily for adults and children alike ! ☻ 


A few simple actions can sometimes make the difference!

For example, turning off the light when we leave the room or turning off the computer & the screen save electricity day after day !

In your kitchen, the ideal is to plug your small household appliance (coffee maker, toaster, kettle) into a multi sockets with switch, so that after each use you turn it off.

Also remember to unplug your charger when battery charging is completed! Note that even if the charger is not plugged into your mobile or tablet, but is plugged into the power outlet,  it will continue to consume electricity unnecessarily!


With selective sorting, glasses, packaging or household waste, each have their own trash !

At Dendro, three bins have been made available in the break room, so that selective sorting is accessible to every employee!

We also have the acquisition of a composter for all organic waste. Easy to install and use, it's a very great alternative to food waste! 

For your information, Covid-19 masks should be thrown in the "all-rounder" trash. But not in the yellow trash because they are not recyclable.


At Dendro, plastic bottles or glasses, have been banned! Today, each employee has his water bottle in aluminium/inox, and his cup, to avoid throwing plastic ! 

We have also replaced our classic multi-sockets by multi-sockets with with switch, so that can be turning them off every evening.  

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