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How to choose your living room furniture?

Date : 18 février 2022
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How to choose your living room furniture?

After a long day, we all dream of being able to relax in our living room, alone, with family or friends! It is THE master room of the house to be able to relax, rest and have a good time. The decoration plays an important role, but the choice of furniture and layout is just as important, to create the cocoon so imagined!

To do this, you must choose the right furniture for your living room, depending on its size and layout. And the essentials will be: the sofa, the coffee table, the television cabinet, and if you have enough space a buffet or a shelf will easily find their place while providing additional storage!

How to choose your sofa ?

Your sofa should be synonymous with comfort! And yes, it is on your sofa that you will relax after a day of work, so its comfort is very important, as well as its size. If your living room is not very spacious, choose a sofa not very big to avoid that it occupies all the space, and to be able to put other furniture! A corner sofa will allow you to have more seats in a small space. And if space allows, you can put two sofas face to face, with a coffee table between them: very trendy! Choose a material that you like, the trend this year is the white curly wool: soft and design!

How to choose your coffee table? 

Just like the sofa, the coffee table is an essential, and often goes hand in hand with the sofa. Over time, the different types of coffee tables have continued to develop. The important thing is to choose one that matches the general atmosphere you want to create, and the use you want to make of it. For some, the coffee table will only serve as a small piece of furniture, especially to put the remote controls or a book, in this case nesting tables will be ideal because you can modulate them according to your desires, put them side by side, slide them under each other or assemble them! 

In terms of practicality, coffee tables with wheels are very useful to move them as you wish (let's say what it is, when you're cleaning it's still very practical!)  

Choosing a solid wood coffee table will give a minimalist and pure style. In addition to that, it is trendy because it is very robust and more resistant to the marks of time. To try it is to adopt it!

A TV stand adapted for your living room

The TV stand is not always easy to choose, because not only must it be able to support the weight and size of your TV, but it must also match your decoration. It should be placed at least 2m from your sofa, so as not to damage your eyes when you watch TV. 

From an aesthetic point of view, if you choose a solid wood coffee table, it will be very nice to choose a solid wood TV stand. Whether they are with wheels, or with steel legs for example, if it has open or closed storage spaces it will be ideal to put your boxes or game consoles. Check that the TV stand is well equipped with holes at the back to facilitate the passage of your wires and television cables. 

A buffet or a shelf

If your living room allows it in terms of surface, to bring an additional touch of decoration, you can choose to install a bookcase to expose your most beautiful objects of decoration: vases, dried flowers, photo frame, trinkets... Any object that will make you happy to look at! The advantage of the sideboard is its closed storage cupboards, your books or your linen will stay warm inside. Its top tray will also allow you to add decorative objects. What to bring warmth and an additional warm side to your living room.

Now you just have to create your cocoon! Concerning the decoration trends, I invite you to read this article on the 2022 trends!

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