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How to design your entrance ?

Date : 21 juin 2021
Categories : Inspiration , Tips

How to design your entrance ?

First and last impression for your visitors but also the first decompression chamber after a busy day! We like the entrance to be practical, functional and personalized, but also faithful to the atmosphere of your entire interior, because after all, it sets the tone!

We bet on tidiness!

To avoid searching for your car keys at the last minute, your umbrella in case of bad weather or even your pet's leash, you want an organized and tidy entrance without being overloaded. The entrance is a room in itself with its own storage space. A nice coat rack, a small wall shelf or decorative ladder, a shoe rack ... are the first accessories we think of for this space. 


A decorative but functional entrance

A small bench like the Augustin or Romaric bench to take off your shoes, but also some decorative elements like cushions, small plants, books will optimize the space for a warm entrance.

Bancs en bois massif Dendro

Think also of the mirror which beyond its practical aspect will allow to play with the light and to illuminate, to see enlarge the entrance according to its dimensions. XXL format, to be placed, fixed, round, square, the choice and the materials are not lacking. Plants are always a good way to green the space and make it more alive. Some plants do not require much light and develop very well in dark rooms such as the calathea with its beautifully patterned leaves, the sanseveria better known as "mother-in-law's tongue", or the tradescantia or misery to bring a touch of color with its zebra pink or purple green foliage! 

Echelle déco Georgette

Plantes déco entrée

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