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How to organize your wardrobe ?

Date : 20 septembre 2021
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How to organize your wardrobe ?

The change of season it's the perfect moment to tidy up our summer outfits and bring out our warm clothes! Indeed, time to sort these clothes has come to start the autumn with good vibes. 


To start, you need to block a slot in your schedule, a short or long slot especially for tidy up and sorting of the wardrobe.

This sorting must be a moment of calm and serenity. Enjoy this moment to listen to music or the lastests podcasts that you havn't yet had time to listen to. Exactly it makes it possible to combine the useful with the pleasant! When it's done, you'll see you'll be happy with free mind! 

For an efficient tidy, there are multiples steps to follow. 


The secret of a good sorting is to starting to completely empty your wardrobe. It's allows to realize the quantity of clothes that we have. And sometimes we find clothes that we had forgotten, surpriise! 


When your wardrobe is empty, it's the time to ask yourself two questions : "Do I like this clothe and wear it?" and "Have I worn it once in the past twelve months?". So you'll understand that the first two stacks to be done are "clothes that I keep" and "clothes that I give or sell".

For the stack you keep, you can classify and put them by product family. For example, you can put sweaters with sweaters, jeans together etc. You'll see it's time saving when you want to choose your outfit of the day in the morning or evening depending on your organization. 

For clothes you don't keep, depending on the attachment you have with the garment, make two stacks : to give and to sell. There exist different associations where you can donate your clothes. In this website you have useful information about the donation and sale of second-hand clothes.

That's it! You just have to put everything in your wardrobe and chest of drawers, and sell or donate the other clothes!

We wish you a beautiful autumn!

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