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Why say stop to Black Friday?

Date : 25 novembre 2021
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Why say stop to Black Friday?

Black friday is not yet started that your mailbox is over-solicited by mailings from retailers praising advantages of Black Friday with very attractive discounts. And you are interested to make a good deal. But do you know the impact of Black Friday in our planet ?

Today like others brands involved in the movement, we wish say stop to this surconsommation run of which black friday is king ! Respect and preservation of the environment are concerns more and more present in the minds of individuals! We are in a process of "consuming better while consuming less". So this commercial event is really inconsistent with the values ​​that our Society wishes to defend!

Many climatic events occur, causing environmental and human disasters as well. Do we really want to continue to close our eyes to these events by massively consuming products that are sometimes not that necessary, let's face it :). In an era where scientists are warning about the urgent need to limit global warming to 1.5 ° C before 2030, does this event really make sense?

A call for mass consumption

Black Friday can seem very advantageous thanks to all the promotions on brand sites. However, this event is in reality a call for over-consumption and waste! We have the impression of saving money when in fact it is an additional expense because in most cases the product purchased is a product that we do not need!

Behind this over-consumption there is a different phenomenon/problem : a large number of people will be overexploited to produce more, and necessarily at a lower cost. and to this will be added the consequences of shortages of raw materials which will mean that most products from Asia will be imported into France by air, having an even greater impact on the planet. Where is the logic?

In terms of waste, the ONU has indicated that electronic appliances purchased during Black Friday would be the source of 45 million tonnes of electronic waste, you imagine ? And that is only the electronic part.

An alternative concept : slow consumption

The days of mended clothes, repaired household products or recycled furniture is a long way off for you? However, we observe a real trend that has emerged recently and even more accelerated by covid-19 which is slow consumption, also called reasonable and reasoned consumption. The pandemic has been a time when many people have been able to refocus on themselves and their real needs, bringing down many obligations and constraints emanating from the society in which we live.We buy, then we throw away, without even asking the right questions. For this the BISOU (in french) method is there. 

The idea is to use this method before each purchase or service. It is a mnemonic device to remember these 5 questions to ask ourselves:

Do I really need it ? (in french need = Besoin)
Is this an Immediate need ?
Do I already have something Similar ?
What is the Origin of this product ?
Will it really be of Use to me?

So are you drawn to the promotion or the article?

Movement "Make Friday Green Again"

"70% of French people want to completely change the way they consume"

This is what Make Green Friday Again defends in particular, which today brings together nearly 1,200 brands to offer an alternative to Black Friday. Dendro joins them by fully recognizing himself in the values ​​of the collective, and we commit ourselves not to practice any commercial operation in November and to encourage our community to consume better, through social networks.

This is why Dendro offers you through posts and articles, some tips, some tutorials to better consume and be satisfied with what we have!

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