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As creator and manufacturer, we are committed to offering you
durable furniture and reasonable collections to offer you a real alternative
to overconsumption in decorative furniture.

Reasonable collections

And a fair price, for you, for us, for our furniture.

What could be more tempting than to change the decoration of your
living room at a lower price?!
We don't want to participate in over-consumption and this goes through the way we conceive our furniture but also our collections.
We choose quality over quantity. Our goal is to offer you durable furniture,
quality and ethics that will stand the test of time (and decorative changes!), and all this at the fairest price.
In short, a way to produce but also to consume in a more ethical way!

Dendro, des collections raisonnables

Our Best Guarantee?

We make our own furniture
and we know them by heart!

All our furniture is guaranteed for 2 years and is made of solid pine from sustainably managed forests, not far from our workshop.
All our hardware is of high quality and our suppliers are carefully selected.
As for our finishes, paints and glues, they are solvent-free to take care of your health,
of that of our artisans and the planet.

Our production

Minimize distances!

Our production