Notre histoire

We manufacture furniture with character, designed to last and
endure through time, fashions, changes.

A story of brothers

Manufacturer's Know-How

Born from a common project and various skills between a brother and a sister, it is
in november 2018 that dendro is born. The brothers are not at their trial run yet.
since they already manufacture solid wood furniture for shopkeepers and craftsmen.

We wanted to offer furniture that is both qualitative and ethical, made in a responsible way with solvent-free products and sustainably managed wood. Our furniture sublimates the wood without denaturing it, and is designed to last. It is a true philosophy that translates into a permanent search for environmentally friendly products, durable, recyclable materials and a more ethical way of producing.

Yoann et Tiffany Sarrazin

Our Commitment

For an increasingly eco-responsible approach

We carefully choose wood from certified forests and apply the following principles
the best uses in wood finishing, with solvent-free paints
and environmentally friendly.
We minimize the transport distances between our raw materials,
wood, and our workshop for a reduced carbon footprint.
To find out more about us

Our workshop

as close as possible to the forest

It is located in Poland, as close as possible to the forests.
A land of ancestral know-how
around wood, where our furniture is made
in an artisanal way, with an unequalled mastery.


Craftsmanship know-how

for a unique piece of furniture with character

All our finishes are hand made by our craftsmen.
who master technicality and precision
to reveal the true nature of the wood.
Each dendro piece of furniture is unique.

Our Services

suitable for real life

All our furniture is delivered assembled for easy installation.
and an assured robustness (and because we don't want to
make you work for us).
For our heavier furniture such as
that the sideboards or shelves, the delivery is done
in the room of your choice with
return of packaging.