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Why choose a solid pine furniture

Date : 29 avril 2021
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Why choose a solid pine furniture

Looking for a new sideboard, coffee table or TV stand for your home that skillfully blends design and warm, noble materials? Solid pine furniture is the ideal candidate! It delights each of our senses with its special touch, its imperfections and knots that make it a unique piece of furniture, and its characteristic smell. 

Solid wood furniture, yes, but sustainably managed wood

At Dendro, we choose to sublimate the wood without ever denaturing it by working the essence of solid pine, and more precisely the Scots pine. Pine is an abundant and very common species in Europe, and many operations are already organized in renewable and sustainable forest management. We carefully select our wood which comes only from sustainably managed forests, close to our workshop to limit our impact on the planet's resources. 

A durable and aesthetic species

Pine is a stable species, recognized and widely acclaimed for its durability. Pine furniture is resistant to any test, which allows them to cross the times and we come, the trends! Timeless, they have the ability to blend with all kinds of decorations, materials and colors and for all rooms of the house. They will bring a touch of softness in a raw contemporary interior or natural in a more bohemian space. The fibers that make up its yarn are straight and intertwined with discreet and harmonious knots and its grain is fine, thus multiplying the possibilities of finishing.  

Solid wood furniture Dendro

Pine has a good resistance to temperature variations and can last several decades. Its maintenance is very simple: a regular dusting with a damp cloth and that's it! If you wish, you can also add a coat of oil or varnish to reinforce its protection.

More economical and lighter than solid oak

Because of its important presence on the European continent, Pine is a more affordable species compared to Oak or other rarer and/or exotic species. 

The other important advantage of pine is its weight! Indeed, being softer and having a low density, it is lighter, making furniture made from this variety easier to move.

Dendro library

A natural resistance to insects and fungi

Pine is one of the softwood species that are naturally rot-proof. That is to say, it is naturally resistant to insect and fungus attacks, unlike other species such as birch or beech for example. There is no need to spray them with chemicals of any kind!

Solid wood furniture

How to recognize a solid wood furniture ?

A quick and easy way to recognize if a piece of furniture is made of solid wood is to observe the edge of a board and thus the logical continuity of the wood fiber on all sides. At the end, the wood is sliced. You should therefore notice "end wood" and not "grain wood" which is often the case on wood veneer panels or laminate. 

Recognize a solid wood furniture

Be careful though! Some techniques allow to imitate perfectly the solid wood and all its characteristics on some imported furniture. The real value of the furniture is then clearly lower than that of a solid wood furniture without counting its lifespan and its quality. If you damage its surface it will be difficult to repair it unlike solid wood furniture which can always be sanded or varnished.

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