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How to choose a solid wood sideboard

Date : 10 juin 2021
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How to choose a solid wood sideboard

The sideboard is an essential element of the living room or kitchen, so before you get started we'll give you some advice on how to choose your solid wood sideboard! Whether it's a sideboard, high or low, open or closed, the solid wood sideboard is the ideal candidate to blend perfectly with your interior design, whatever the space you have available.

In this article we explained the many advantages of solid wood furniture, now let's talk about choosing the ideal sideboard to furnish your living room or kitchen according to your needs. First of all, in order not to lose sight of your primary objective and your constraints, it is interesting to list these few points.

How much space do I have?

If you don't have much space in your room or if it's already full and furnished, you can play with the height and design of the sideboard. A contemporary style with clean lines will not visually clutter the space, like our Ernest or Edmond sideboards, or our Leon and Lucien sideboards with their ideal dimensions. An imposing piece of furniture in a small room will seem to diminish the surface area. The light golden colour of our solid wood furniture will brighten up your interior without making it visually heavy. In general, a space of at least 70 cm between the table and the sideboard is recommended to facilitate passage and avoid clutter.


What do you want to store in your sideboard?

If you want to organise and store your crockery and kitchen linen, a sideboard with drawers and doors such as our Lazare or Léopold sideboards will make the task much easier while allowing you to add a touch of decoration thanks to the open spaces. The sideboards in enfilade such as Louis and Germain will also allow you to store larger items such as electric woks, raclette machines, mini plancha tables, pierrade and fondue sets.

Meubles Dendro en pin massif

Long sideboards for your dining room

The dining room is an important room that generally allows for a large buffet. This is the case with the enfilade sideboard, like Louis and Germain, a vintage piece that has been brought back into fashion and is making a comeback in the home and in decoration! This low piece of furniture is not very deep and, in addition to its storage capacity, allows the room to be aired and lengthened. Its long top is the ideal ally for your decoration to add pep and personality to your interior.

Buffet Germain

Meubles Dendro en pin massif

Minimalist wooden sideboards to air out the room 

Warming the atmosphere while maintaining the advantages of contemporary style and design, these are the advantages of our modern Ernest and Edmond sideboards with their clean lines that are not disturbed by any handles or hardware. Lots of character without neglecting storage and decoration! 

Buffets contemporains en bois Ernest et Edmond

The small formats, practical and decorative

They easily bridge the gap between the kitchen and the dining room and will find their place in small spaces thanks to their ideal dimensions, these are our Leon and Lucien sideboards. 

Meubles Dendro en pin massif

Sideboards with authentic character

Aesthetic, functional and with a graphic design with many storage spaces with their drawers and niches, our Lazare and Léopold sideboards are real charms. A unique style with an industrial touch, a lot of style and solid wood with a natural finish that blends perfectly with the raw metal of the various handles. 

Buffets authentiques en bois massif Lazare et Léopold

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