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Organize your office for back to school!

Date : 25 août 2021
Categories : Inspiration , Tips

Organize your office for back to school!

Back to school is approaching for adults and children alike, and we all know that a tidy (and decorated) office is an organized (and peaceful) mind ready to face the flow of work and information that will come soon!

Is my office in the right place?

Before starting anything, you might as well ask yourself the question so that you can eventually move your office space and move it to another room. Even if a dedicated room is the perfect configuration, it is not always feasible depending on your interior and the space you have. Very often the office will find its place in our living room or our bedroom. It is then important to try to delimit the space with a carpet, a wall of different color or with a wallpaper that will inspire us. Pretty plants, a curtain, a bookcase can also visually separate the office area. 

Paulin office

Light is very important to work efficiently and not to tire your eyes. If you have the choice, it is always nice to position your desk in front of a window, which not only provides natural light, but also allows you to rest your eyes by looking into the distance. 

Sort, tidy, organize!

Now that you've found the ideal place for your office, it's time to sort and tidy up to get back on track. We throw away everything we kept "just in case" and that has a good chance of staying there another year! And we sort out and arrange all the rest. There is nothing like shelves in height and within reach for the daily things, and a piece of furniture or a bookcase to organize its files, books, reserve of supplies, etc... and to hide there printers, scanner for a purified visual return.

Meubles Dendro

Let's get to decorating!

Now that everything is sorted and tidied up, it's time to add your own personal touch and make your office a place of your own. Small accessory furniture such as the VICTOR cube or the GABIN storage unit can be used as a support for your photo frames, storage baskets, candles, desk lamps while bringing a natural touch.


Think of having small green plants, ideally depolluting and easy to maintain like Sansevieria, Dracaena or succulents or cacti.

Meubles Dendro

Now that everything is ready, all that's left to do is to adopt good habits and keep your desk tidy, which, we grant you, is not always easy!

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